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The Next 26

I am an adviser and self-proclaimed mooch of great information, awesome leaders and motivational students who help me grow and strengthen my journalism program. This series of tips was developed as part of building a stronger community of journalism teachers through the exchange of best practices.

The idea is to propose a challenge in increments of 26 with 2 goals: 1) To help high school journalism programs and 2) To give that spark that will help start conversations locally.

Why 26? Sparks need appropriate time to develop and a set endpoint. These sparks may last 26 minutes, 26 hours, 26 days, or 26 weeks depending on the topic and what is most appropriate.

Join me. Your comments, sparks and ideas are always welcomed. This is an exchange of ideas after all. Post or submit ideas to aaronmanfull@gmail.com or find me on Twitter at @manfull.

Have ideas for the Next 26? Email me.