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Editor Tip #1: Lead By Example

This is the ultimate key to being a successful leader. You think I could get you all to work so hard if I didn’t put in 10 times as much effort in as you all do. Everyone will be looking to you to gauge how they should act. If you don’t think writing questions is important, they won’t either. If you don’t sketch out a dummy, why should they? If you have an excuse why you didn’t meet story deadline, why should they meet it? If you have a poorly edited page, why should they worry about theirs?

You see what I’m saying? You all have to be at the top of your game all the time. You don’t throw this fact in their faces and tell them how great you are, you just do it and sooner or later they will notice. Make it a point to show them what you’ve done and share things, just do it in a subtle way. This is one way you gain the staff’s respect.

The super-majority of the staff will follow the example you set. Keep that in mind when you are doing things…or not doing them.

The staff makes a lot of decisions about what kind of editor you are by what happens the first two weeks. They see who the ‘leaders’ are. They see who is working hard to make things happen. They see who might be friendly enough to help them when they have questions. Make these first days good ones!



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