Interviewing (Part 1)

Interviewing (Part 1)

Shared by: Aaron Manfull

Who are you: I’m Aaron. This is my site. I’m generally overly-caffeinated. You can find out more than you want to know about me on Twitter @manfull.

Briefly describe the lesson you are sharing: If you went through the journalism program at Washington High School during Donna Manfull’s tenure (yep, that’s my mom) you knew this handout and lesson better than about any other one at the school. She created a great lesson for generating questions for for interviews. The concept is based off a 21-question format whereby questions are asked in an order that put the interviewer into the best possible position to get good information. Questions begin easy and become more difficult and open-ended as the interview goes on and the interviewee becomes more comfortable. I’ve done some very minor tweaking over the years to her handout so when you see this, assume 95% of it is hers and 5% of it is mine. Whatever the percentage is, she used it for years with her students (me included) and I’ve used it for 14 years with mine. This is definitely the money lesson in my arsenal and pays dividends long after it’s taught.

Download: Feel free to download the handout here.


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