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Organization, Motivation

Organization, Motivation

Shared by: Jonathan Rogers

Who are you: Adviser, Iowa City High School

Briefly describe the lesson you are sharing: Internet Team Challenge – For this assignment the staff divided themselves into teams to compete for prizes based on the most hits, most posts, and creativity. “Sprinkles” of positive reinforcement work better than deadlines or negative grade consequences in my experience. Donuts go out to high hit winners on Monday and a pizza party usually happens at the end. It should be noted that this doesn’t happen every month. I go on the philosophy that everything works and nothing works. This happens probably two months out of the year to really get them jazzed. The rest of the time everyone is required to have one post a month on the internet, while the internet team shoots for ten posts a week with a minimum of five.

Download: Here is a 2-page instruction sheet Brian has shared.


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