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Photojournalistic Images

Photojournalistic Images

Shared by: Eric Thomas

Who are you: Eric Thomas teaches publications at St. Teresa’s Academy in Kansas City, Missouri: the Dart print newspaper, DartNewsOnline website and the Teresian yearbook. ┬áSt. Teresa’s is an all-girls private Catholic high school founded in 1866.

Briefly describe the lesson you are sharing: Often as photography teachers we get hung up on the photo composition principles: leading lines, rule of thirds, framing, etc. Those categories don’t help students create photographs with photojournalistic content. In teaching photojournalism I try to lean back on all of the kinds of photographs that I tried to gather when I worked as a professional photojournalist and when I studied photojournalism. This lesson plan showcases the kind of images that I want my student photojournalists to bring back to the publications room.”

Source Materials: Here are the source materials Eric uses for this lesson:


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