Reporting the news

Reporting the news

Shared by: Jack Kennedy

Who are you: After 30 years advising newspaper and yearbook in high schools in Iowa and Colorado, I now torment college students along Colorado’s Front Range.

Briefly describe the lesson you are sharing: I have used this assignment as a sort of boot camp for beginning journalism students for nearly 20 years, and it usually came in the middle of the trimester when I taught at City High in Iowa City. To be asked to write five consecutive short news stories over a week is an eye-opener for the students, and I could quickly identify the “gunners” in the class. I am including a handout I created from the actual results of this assignment, all reported in January, 1997. Lots of things have changed since then, but the stories still read pretty much like they might have happened yesterday.

Download: Here is the handout Jack used to explain the assignment to his reporters. He has also included some sample stories that he received from this assignment.


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