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SLR Photography, Manual Shooting

SLR Photography, Manual Shooting

Shared by: Mary Prichard

Who are you: CJE; Journalism instructor at North Kansas City High School; adviser of school newspaper “The Hornet’s Buzz” and yearbook “The Purgold”.

Briefly describe the lesson you are sharing: Before my beginning Photo students are allowed to physically get their hands on our dSLR yearbook/newspaper staff cameras, I require them to learn the manual shooting concepts of shutter speed, aperture, exposure, etc. Penn State University created a great SLR simulator website last year at http://photo.comm.psu.edu, and I created this straight-forward activity set of questions to go along with it. I personally like to have students work together on it in pairs, so they can explain and teach each other as they try to figure out all the questions. Then I break them into 6 groups and they have to use the website and “present” their answers for a specific section (DoF, focal length, white balance, ss, exposure, ISO) to the entire class. You can use the questions however you like — if you need help answering one, feel free to contact me.

Bonus camera simulator site links that photography teachers might find useful:

Download: Here is the handout Mary uses to go along with the Penn State site she references above.


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