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Social Media

Social Media

Shared by: Beth Phillips

Who are you: I am assistant journalism adviser at Francis Howell North High School. This is my sixth year teaching my fourth year being involved with the journalism program.

Briefly describe the lesson you are sharing: Whether a student is starting their own social media account or working on a social media account for the school publication, they need to have a plan and focus. Here is a planning sheet and evaluation sheet for students to follow. Students should develop a plan and execute the plan for two weeks. After two weeks, they should evaluate the plan and keep what worked and change what didn’t. Hopefully, they will keep improving on their social media presence. Students will classify their posts into categories, and those categories were mooched from Sarah Nichols’ assignment “It is ok to be a follower.”

Download: Here is a handout she created to help develop a plan and another she created that will help evaluate the plan’s effectiveness.


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