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Student Press Law

Student Press Law

Shared by: Kyle Phillips

Who are you: I’m a second year teacher and journalism adviser at George Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I advise the Surveyor (newspaper), www.crwashsurveyor.com (web presence), and the Monument (yearbook).

Briefly describe the lesson you are sharing: This is just a basic lesson that covers all the basics kids need to know about the First Amendment and student press law before we begin any actual writing. Topics covered are: First Amendment, Tinker, Hazelwood, and student free expression laws- in my case Iowa’s. Information about these cases is built into the Prezi as well as ‘what would you do’ situations for the students to consider. I borrowed parts of this activity from my adviser, Jeff Morris, who got a lot of his materials from Jack Kennedy.

Download: Here is the link to the Prezi that Kyle uses for this lesson.


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