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Using Twitter to learn about from other journalists

Using Twitter to learn about from other journalists

Shared by: Coni C. Grebel, CJE

Who are you: I’m a veteran English teacher who became a journalism teacher by default — no one else on staff would take it. That was 10 years ago, and I cried when they told me I would teach journalism. The only thing I knew about a newspaper was how to read one. Now, I’d cry if they told me I couldn’t teach journalism — and I might just quit. It is the highlight of my day. I teach at Lee County High School where I advise the Panoptic, the PanopticOnline, and the Mag literary magazine. I also teach honors tenth grade world literature and composition, senior British lit and comp and advanced composition. Oh — and most important — I’m mom of three daughters and three sons-in-law and grandmother of 3 1/2 darling little boys.

Briefly describe the lesson you are sharing: When I started my Twitter account, the only accounts I followed were related to journalism or teaching journalism. I couldn’t believe that I was suddenly learning so much more and finding so many more resources from teachers across the country. I wanted my students to learn that Twitter was more than just telling your friends where you are and what you’re doing. That was the catalyst for this lesson. I wanted my students to see a productive use for Twitter, I wanted to see them forced to be concise in their writing, and I wanted to let them discover the pool of journalism resources available through social media. And while we were at it, I wanted to see the staff Twitter account spread increase followers. You’ll see that food served as the motivator for that aspect. The project lasted two weeks, but for most of my staff, the journalism Twitter accounts are still active, and I now hear them quoting advice from some noted journalism programs.Next year I will use this project in the fall and will probably refer back to it intermittently throughout the year.

Download: Here is the handout Coni uses with this assignment.


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